Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cupcake Cuties & Korkers

Everyday I have SUCH good intentions of blogging... I've actually had these pictures sitting on my desktop staring at me saying "blog... blog"...

Preparing for my first craft show has become a job within itself! The amount of inventory needed and logistics are all consuming...

On top of that I recently took over as Membership Chairman for the GCS Mom's League and that in itself is at minimum a part time job!

But I have to say I'm loving every minute of it! I cannot WAIT to take pictures of all of the inventory I now have... I have TONS of new products and just the mass quantity while still staying consistent with my quality has made it worth it!

The craft show has also encouraged me to learn new things... like pony-o's, cheer bows (did you know they aren't allowed to wear any metal when cheering?) and KORKERS!

First... here are some pictures that have been shared with me lately...

Precious Mallory hugging her little brother Jacob... what a great picture to show off her bow!
Mallory and her little smirk showing off her made to match Watermelon bow.
Oh sweet Ellen! Ready to cheer on the New York Mets!
Teaghan playing dress up in her M2M Halloween bow...
Hayley showing off her new Princess Pony-O

Onto the korkers! These are SO cute! They are super lightweight and stay on really well... all are hand sewn so they don't come apart (a concern with some korkers).

Big Korkers are $6
Small Korkers are $3 (Milla is wearing a small)

I'll post some pictures of my Halloween korkers tomorrow. Sorry this picture isn't better... Milla learned how to crawl on Monday and she is DONE with sitting down to take pictures... ah the joys!

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