Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recipe Share: Chicken Fried Rice Hibachi Style...

I've told several friends lately about my awesome Chicken Fried Rice recipe that our family has been enjoying and I finally decided I would do a little photo demonstration to share the recipe with everyone...

Here are the ingredients:
2 cups of cooked white rice, cook beforehand and cool in fridge
3 eggs, scrambled
1 rotisserie chicken (we only use the white meat)
Green and yellow onions chopped
Soy Sauce
Fried Rice Seasoning Packet (found at Walmart with the oriental food)
Sesame Seeds (found on the spice aisle)

This can be done in a large frying pan or a wok (I finally bought a wok pan at Kohls for 1/2 off)...
Scramble your 3 eggs in the wok and set aside...
Sautee onions and garlic in butter and soy sauce (I don't measure either, probably 2 tablespoons of each)
I add a little more soy sauce and butter before I add the rice
Add white rice and stir well
Add chicken, egg and a little more soy sauce
At the very end sprinkle sesame seeds on top
We also make this with beef, for it I use 1 T-bone cut into small pieces and marinated in soy sauce and pepper, I stir-fry it first before the egg, it's WONDERFUL as well.



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Yum!!! I'm going to add this to this week's menu.