Saturday, September 6, 2008

Festive Fall & M2M

One of my friends bought her newborn daughter this precious onesie from Old Navy for Halloween (on sale right now) with these leggings...

I was totally inspired by it's cuteness and came up with this for her...

It's big and fun with 5 layers of polka dots and a precious glittery ghost in the center. - $8

Feeling the fall spirit yet? I am! I decided to make some Festive Fall bows that will last you from Halloween through Thanksgiving...

Large (5 layers) - $8
Medium (4 layers) - $6 Simple Chic Harvest (so petite and cute) - $4

Working with all that burnt orange and hearing college football on the tv I started feeling the football spirit and decided to make some UT bows... Come on Tara and Caren... I know you want 'em! Small is $6 & the big is $8... they will be on the site tomorrow.
Taking your daughter to a football game this fall? I can make you a bow featuring your schools colors or you can always go with our super cute football bow (which is on sale this week)...

My last project of the day was a bow to match Milla's Gymboree Sunny Days Ahead outfit for her 9 month dinner tonight. She got TONS of compliments! The sweetest one came from the manager who said her cuteness and smile had just made her day... awww... thank you!


Happy 9 month birthday my little cupcake!

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