Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too Busy to Post...

It's good to be busy... I'm amazingly thankful for all the business...

BUT I can't seem to carve out the time to sit down and blog. So here are some quick previews and new bows...

A few of my new favorites... (I sold this one faster then I made it!) - Leopard Sheer - $6
New Baby Bling Leopard bow - $4
I thought I loved my original football bow... but this one really makes me happy... I think Milla will be upgrading before the next Cowboys game!

Layered Football Bow - $8
One more Halloween bow (hoping to have a few more tomorrow, including a witch theme and black and white theme)...

Candy Corn Large - $8
This is such a cute bow on it's own, but when someone ordered it as pigtail bows I realized how much I can't wait for Milla to have enough hair for pigtails!

Hot Pink Layered Pigtail Set - $10

I do a lot of made to match... but today was a first... I got to do M2M Pajamas! Gymboree Pajamas at that (which are usually so cute your kid could wear them out and nobody would be the wiser)...

A client's daughter is going to a pajama birthday party this weekend and needed a bow to match... Too cute!A few new Christmas bows...

Simply Chic Christmas Tree - $5

I made these two for a pair of sisters... 3 and 9 months... they are going to look TOO cute in their coordinated bows!

Large Block Christmas Tree - $8
Small Block Christmas Tree - $

Thanks for checking in! Keep checking... new bows and specials coming soon!

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