Thursday, September 4, 2008

Giant Cupcake Cake...

Before I had Milla I took two levels of Wilton cake classes. I learned a lot and have continued to do cakes for friends and family for special occasions.

My sorority sister Caren's daughter Teaghan will be 1 in a few weeks. We have enjoyed a rekindled friendship with baby girls a couple of months apart and recently she moved back to the DFW area from Houston. YAY!

Caren is doing a cupcake theme for Teaghan's first birthday and she was in search of someone to do the giant cupcake cake. Always up for a challenge (and an excuse to buy a new Wilton pan), I decided I would do it. But since I knew I was a little rusty and this would be a big challenge, I decided I would do a few test cakes first. (ah darn, cake to eat...)

Here is the cake right out of the oven, the cupcake side holds less batter and cooks faster, so I cooked it in a pan of water... worked PERFECTLY! I cooked it on 315 for 60 minutes.

I leveled the bottom section, now I have to figure out how to level the cupcake part (you'll see why below)...
A little lopsided, but cute... you can see the pan worked REALLY well at holding the shape.

Here is the finished project... top view (I'll be adding a gumball to the top for a cherry)Side view...
Definitely the hardest part was finding a box that was tall enough to fit it in, I ended up using a Pampers box! I'm sending the cake to Roger's work tomorrow and I'll probably be making another one next week for another round of practice. I need to work on my rosettes a little more (another excuse for cake!)

So what do you think?

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Jenny said...

Are you going to sell these? I am having Bels bithday pictures made 11/03...i'd love to get one for that if you are willing to sell them. Let me know how much! That is so cute!

I can send the pictures for you to use as advertising?