Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tiffany here is your order... I still love the spider bow and I'm thrilled she found a home! Hopefully I'll be doing many more of them before Halloween!

Tiffany requested a reindeer bow and I had lots of fun doing this one... The back ribbon has reindeer on it, then there is a layer of thin reindeer ribbon and then the red and green in the center. Topped off with the cutest little reindeer in the center.

Reindeer Bow - $8 (these will go fast as the centers are hard to find and the ribbon is in limited quantities)
I have only made a few tutus and always wanted an excuse to dive back in and get good at them. Well that excuse came with my friend Laura's baby girl's first birthday coming up! I finished up her two tone pink tutu tonight and I'm so pleased with it I'll be making Milla a new one tomorrow! As soon as we decide on a bow I'll add a bow to the tutu as well.

Tutus - $20 (all colors available)
Roger's big fingers make the tutu look really tiny, but it's actually extremely fluffy! 6 layers of fluffiness fun!

Here's a picture of Milla in her tutu back in March... she was only 4 months old then... so little...

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