Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What did you do today?

I seriously think I got more accomplished today then I have in months! During the summer I just have NO energy at all, couple that with an 8 month old and yep, I got nothing done!

Today, it was cool outside, a nice breeze, an overcast day and I got SO much accomplished, I can't even believe it!

Here's the tally...

  • Created a new blog :)
  • Updated my online store
  • Designed new business cards
  • Earned more Gymbucks by shopping the Baby Sale (highly recommend checking this sale out!)
  • Made a trip to Walmart (sometimes that in itself is an entire day's activity!)
  • Cleaned out our home office (it had become the junk room)
  • Prepped dinner before Roger was even home (go me!)
  • Baked a cake (a complicated cake... pictures to follow)
  • Made lots of new Halloween bows (about to post pictures)
.... oh and of course took care of Milla... what a crazy day! I think I will sleep well tonight!

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